I do undertake commissions, and welcome enquiries. It is important though that I meet the person interested in commissioning me to discuss the intricacies and get a general feel for the commission. Unfortunately I will not take a commission on if I feel it is not a natural fit with my work.

At the first meeting, I would seek to discuss and conceive the initial project.
Items that would normally be covered are the subject matter, size, deadline dates, framing requirement (if needed) and reference material such as photos etc.

Based on this first meeting, I would decide whether or not to take on the project.
Once I have agreed to take the project on I would normally work up a preliminary drawing or rough which would give an indication of how the painting is going to be approached.
Once the client is happy to go ahead, a deposit of 50% of the agreed price is paid. This is non-refundable and covers time and materials.

To get an indication of prices and sizes….please see below.
Commission sizes and prices:

  1. 30x30cm painted canvas =€700, framed in a box frame = €825
  2. 40x40cm painted canvas = €1050, framed in a box frame = €1250
  3. 50x50cm painted canvas = €1350, framed in a box frame =!€1550
  4. 60x60cm painted canvas = €1950, framed in a box frame = €2150
  5. 80x30cm painted canvas = €1350, framed in a box frame = €1550
  6. 90 x 60cm painted canvas = €2500, framed in a box frame = €2750
  7. 120x30cm painted canvas = €2000, framed in a box frame = €2250
  8. 120x50cm painted canvas = €3500, framed in a box frame = €3750
  9. 120x60cm painted canvas = €3900
  10. 120x90cm painted canvas = €5500
  11. 100 x 100cm painted canvas €5200